A Thousand Horses

Artist Interview – A Thousand Horses
This week, TNB spoke with Warner recording group A Thousand Horsesduring a Media Roundtable. We talked about their brand new single and upcoming album produced by Dave Cobb. See the highlights from the conversation below.
TNB – What can people expect from this upcoming project?ATH – It’s still A Thousand Horses and it still sounds like us. But this feels like the best stuff we have ever done. We had a similar set up as we have had in the past, but this time it felt like we did not have an agenda. We made the record before we got signed. It was just us and Dave in RCA, and we went in to have a good time. I think that really comes through and this record feels like a big step for us. You are going to love it!

TNBYou worked with producer Dave Cobb on your first EP, and reunited with him almost 10 years later for this new project. What was it like coming back together?

ATH – Dave is ever evolving. He is always making giant strides forward. It was great to see his success blossom like it did. We had our first number 1 together with Smoke, and to see everything else take off after that was really cool. Dave is family and is almost like a 5th member of the band. We worked with him on our first ep, over 10 years ago. It was exciting to get back together with him. He jumps right in with us on guitar and we all go crazy.

TNB – What’s it like being on a new label for this project?

ATH – We are supper excited about this new deal. Landing a great home was something we were fighting hard for, while making this record. Warner has been phenomenal. We are excited to have a home there and to be a part of their roster and team.

TNB – How has the dynamic of the band changed over time?

ATH – We have been a band for so long that we don’t even fight anymore. For real though, we still love getting together to hang out and make music. Two of us just had babies, which changes the dynamic for sure, but we’ll still find time to party!

TNB – What was it like finishing this record in Quarantine?

ATH – We learned how to collaborate over zoom quick. Two of us happen to be next door neighbors, so we would even throw a guitar cable over the fence and record outside. Luckily, a lot of the record was done in the studio, before quarantine. We just had to finish it with overdubs. The process certainly taught us some new skills and stretched us to be much more creative.


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