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Startup Profile – Sonido
This week on our startup series, we looked at Sonido, a recording studio management software that helps simplify daily management tasks.
We spoke with founder and CEO Brady Hoggard to get the scoop. See the highlights from our conversation below.

TNB – How do you explain Sonido to someone who is unaware?

Brady – Sonido is a recording studio management software that makes the daily operations of a studio business more simplified, efficient and profitable. From managing leads and projects, easy scheduling, effective management of projects, secure file review and delivery – and everything in between – managing a studio business has never been more effective or easier than with Sonido.

TNB – What are some examples of how the software can be used?

Brady -Sonido really is designed to become the end-to-end solution that audio professionals use in managing their studio business. Rather than cobbling together multiple applications, trying to make them speak to one another, and still sitting frustrated with holes in business processes, Sonido makes it easy to manage your studio business from a single platform.

Some of the primary modules that Sonido provides includes:
– Lead and contact management
– Single- and multi-room studio scheduling
– Financials management – sending quotes and invoices, and receiving automated payments
– Project management (tracking session notes, project tasks, booking history, cloud file storage, time tracking)
– Powerful audio file review management
– Audio file delivery
– and more

Today, our clients consist of commercial recording studios, project studios, freelance engineers and producers, and educational music institutes that teach recording arts.

TNB – How do you hope the service will continue to gain traction in the marketplace?

Brady -We often hear studio owners discuss the challenges they face in effectively managing their studio. Often, they cobble together multiple applications in attempts to build a full business suite, only to find that the “solution” is tedious, requires ongoing management of integrations, is generally ineffective, and still has holes or gaps in being the full solution they are looking for. Audio professionals are often looking for ways to better manage their business through automation and simplified processes and it truly couldn’t be more simple than with Sonido – studios of all sizes immediately have all the tools professionals need to succeed in a single package. Sonido is quickly becoming the industry standard in recording studio management.

TNB – Any funding history?

Brady -Sonido Software has not yet taken funding, but is actively searching for opportunities.

About the founder 
Brady Hoggard is the CEO and Founder of Sonido Software. A musician and recording studio owner, Brady began Sonido Software to address common business management challenges that he had in managing his own studio. After speaking with many studio managers and owners across studios of all sizes, it was quickly apparent that many studios experience similar challenges. Sonido Software launched in 2019 as a standard solution for the audio production industry, and Brady continues to lead the organization today. In 2020, Brady and Sonido Software were accepted into the prestigious Project Music program through the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. Click here to learn more.



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