Charlie Starr

This week on our podcast series, we caught up with Charlie Starr, the lead vocalist and guitarist of Blackberry Smoke. Hear about the bands drive-in shows, Charlie‘s musical influences, the group’s new album produced by Dave Cobb, and so much more. See highlights from our conversation below, and click here to listen to the full episode.
TNB – You guys are currently on the road performing a series of drive-in shows. What’s the energy been like in the crowd?

Starr – The energy is a little different because the fans are pretty far away from the stage, so it’s a little hard to hear them. But even with their mask on, you can see that everyone is happy to be there. I don’t think it was a disappointment for any of us. We were just so happy to be on stage together.

TNB – Tell us about the new album you guys just recorded with Dave Cobb.

Starr – We have been talking with Cobb about making a record for years. We were suppose to go in during March, which obviously didn’t happen. At the beginning of the Summer he called us up and asked if we would be comfortable going into the studio and keeping our distance, so we did. We came out with a great guitar record. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. Dave does the world a great service, by making great sounding records.

TNB – In the eyes of Charlie Starr, who is the best guitar player in the world?

Starr – Merle Travis is up on that list for me. He was such an innovator. Obviously no one had played like Jimi Hendrix. I mean think about when people heard that record for the first time in 1967. It was such a change from everything else. Listen to Satisfaction by The Stones, and then listen to Purple Hays, they are not even in the same lanes. Today though, I say Derek Trucks is the best guitar player I have ever seen up close.

Blackberry Smoke is livestreaming from the Ryman tonight. Get your tickets in advance, while you still can.


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