Chris Bandi

Artist Profile – Chris Bandi
The Nashville Briefing is dedicated to finding you the fastest rising artists on the Nashville scene. This week, we spoke with Chris Bandi, who released his debut EP on Friday. See the highlights from our conversation below.
TNB – You just released your debut EP via RECORDS, What would your teenage self think if he knew you would be a professional recording artist one day?

Bandi – I’ve known music is what I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid so I feel like teenage me would have agreed with you haha! Now if you would have asked 25 year old me when I had been in Nashville for a few years grinding it out and hearing a few “no’s” along the way, I would have had a different answer!

TNB – How do you want this record to represent you? What do you want fans to come away knowing about you after they listen to it?

Bandi – I want people to be able to hear it and know that this EP is me to a T. I’ve always wanted to be as truthful with my songs as I could possibly be and I feel as if this is a great representation of my truth. I have songs about being a dumb kid and making mistakes along the way, songs about family, songs about music and how much it has helped and affected who I am today.

TNB – How has quarantine affected your experience of being a new artist?

Bandi – 2020 definitely threw us a curveball! We were set to spend this whole year promoting the EP and the single. Sometimes things don’t work out the way that you plan on them working out and that’s alright. We are just trying to do our best at adapting and overcoming the obstacles we are facing. I can’t wait until the day they give us the green light and we can be back out on the road playing shows, hanging at radio stations and meeting everyone we can.

TNB – What should fans be on the lookout for beyond this EP?

Bandi – Live shows, we will be playing again and we will be giving it 110% every single show. We’ve been writing a lot during this quarantine so we have a great collection of songs that we’re really really proud of!

TNB – What has been some of your favorite content during quarantine?

Bandi – I had to hop on the “Tiger King” bandwagon! I also watched the third season of Ozark. I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts and really going back and listening to a bunch of songs that I grew up loving.


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