David Ross

Executive Profile
This week, TNB was able to catch up over the phone with Music Row Magazine founder David Ross. Click here to check out our brand new podcast and listen to the full conversation. See some highlights from the phone call below.
TNB – When you moved to Nashville, was there any kind of trade publication? How would people find out what was going on?Ross – It was absolutely amazing to me, there was almost no way to share news. And you have to remember this is 1980 when I arrive in Nashville. We don’t have the internet or social media. News traveled at a pace that would seam lethargic. Billboard had maybe half a page dedicated to Nashville each week with just the very top things that were happening with mostly major artists. There was a huge opportunity to better connect the Nashville community.

TNB – What did the first Music Row issue look like?

Ross – It was just one piece of paper and was basically a telephone listing. There were no articles. It was originally called Music Row Directory. At the time I was actually hand delivering each issue up and down 16th, 17th and 18th for free.

TNB – How long did it take for the magazine to become profitable?

Ross – We never had a month where we lost money. We had ads from the beginning. I like to use the bathtub theory for business. If the money coming in fills the bathtub and the drain is emptying it, you don’t want the drain to be bigger then the water coming in. I tried to do everything I could. Sometimes that meant going back to the drawing board and saying I have to find someone else or call someone else. I was determined to find a way.


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