Drew Parker

This week we caught up with rising artist Drew Parker. He was recently named the newest SiriusXM “Highway Find” and his music is currently being streamed more than 250,000 times each week, across platforms. Check out his brand new EP here, and see the highlights from our conversation below.

TNB  Your new EP While You’re Gone came out this week. Do you have any favorite musical moments or lyrics that you are particularly proud of and excited for people to hear?

Parker – I always get asked what a BP PBR is in the song “While You’re Gone.” Let’s clear the air, it is a case of PBR beer from a BP gas station. I also love the song House Band and the images we used to describe silence in this lonely house that the character is sitting in.

TNB – You have an amazing team behind you with the folks at Make Wake. How did you first connect with them, and how did you know they were going to be the right fit?

Parker –  I met Kappy in 2014 when I was opening a show in Athens, GA. He was best friends with the promoter Bradley Jordan (who also introduced Kappy to Luke Combs) and we just hit it off that night. We moved to Nashville within 2 weeks of each other and just reconnected. About 2 years later we officially started working with each other. I knew Kappy was the right fit because only one thing mattered to him, THE FANS! And once Jarrod Holley was added to the team I knew for sure that we would all create something special!

TNB – You are getting ready to open up for Luke Combs on his 2021 tour next year. How are you prepping for this? When will rehearsals start? What kind of energy are you hoping to bring each performance?

Parker –  I’m super excited to go back out on the road with Luke. We’ve been friends for a few years and we always have a great time touring together. Rehearsals will probably start at the top of the year and I’m going to have to workout and get rid of my Covid15 (weight) because I have a pretty high energy show and love to run around on stage.

TNB – In your mind, what is the greatest classic country record of all time?

Parker – The greatest record of all time is any record that Keith Whitley sang on. I’ll stand by that til the day I die.


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