Dylan Rockoff

Artist Spotlight
This week, TNB sat down with artist-songwriter Dylan Rockoff to discuss his new album “Semicolon & Parentheses”, and how moving to Nashville has affected his art. Read the highlights from our conversation below and click here to listen to the new album.

TNB – This is the first record you have released since moving to Nashville.  How has the city affected your music?

Rockoff – As a writer and as a live performer, I realized very quickly when I moved to town that I was surrounded by a wealth of incredible writers and performers and had to bust my ass if I wanted to exceed or even meet the standard. I’d also say I’ve taken a lot from my collaborators in terms of musical influences here – and I feel those new influences have inevitably shaped the music I’ve written since arriving.

TNB – You were number 2 on the iTunes charts which is impressive for anyone, but especially an independent artist.  How does it feel to pull that off?

Rockoff – It’s incredible and I feel so fortunate to have that level of support here in Nashville and beyond. As an independent artist with a small, dedicated team I feel very proud about the work we did to land that spot. #2 on the pop charts is an awesome accomplishment but what makes it even better is the fact that all the money we generated from those sales is going to a great cause. Locks of Love is an awesome organization that provides a wonderful service to kids in need. I’m so grateful to be able to say that I used my passion, music, as a vehicle to help people in a practical way.

TNB – What do you want fans to take away from the record?

Rockoff – If you listen to the album top to bottom it essentially runs the course of an entire relationship: lust to love, conflict and breakup, getting over and reconnecting with friends, focusing on oneself and eventually moving on. I want people to walk away from the album able to connect in some way with my own personal experience and apply it to their own lives. Understand that you’re never alone, pain is temporary, and if you allow yourself to hurt you can learn & become stronger because of it. I hope it makes the listener laugh, cry, smile, and everything in between.


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