Easton Corbin

This week, I caught up with Easton Corbin. The artist is getting ready to release a brand new EP on November 14th. After 2 No. 1 singles (“A Little More Country Than That” and “Roll With It“) and 7 top 10 singles including “A Girl Like You,” “All Over the Road,” and “Baby Be My Love Song“, Cobin took a short break from recording. This is his first major release in over 5 years. See the highlights from our conversation below. 

TNB – This new release is your first big project in close to 5 years. What made this the right moment to put something out? Was there something you were inspired to say or get across?

Easton – I once heard that you get your entire life to write your first record… you don’t get to do that often. So I’ve really taken the past few years to spend time out on the road with fans and focus on my writing. I’ve now got a large list of songs that I wanted to be on the project and this is just the beginning.”

TNB – You have always stayed true to a classic country sound, and have ridden the wave with many different trends in the genre. With that being said, it feels like especially during quarantine, people are back listening to classic country. Does the style mean something different today than when you were starting out?

Easton – I think a major part of it is always trying to stay relevant and that means trying to keep one foot in the traditional country space and another in the modern style as trends change over time and you’ve got to learn to adapt with that. I’ve really tried to always marry the two styles to form my own unique sound.

TNB – What has it been like promoting this project during covid? Any interesting opportunities come up that might not of otherwise?

Easton – It’s been different for sure. Typically, you release music and immediately try to hit the road to play it for fans. Now, you’re having to get creative and find new ways to connect with fans. A few weeks back, I did a virtual meet and greet that benefitted several charities in Nashville and got the chance to facetime with 10 of my biggest fans and it showed me that it is possible to connect with them during this time. In fact, I probably got to spend more time with them during that facetime call than I would when we have meet and greets on the road.

TNB – What’s the best classic country song of all time? (Why)

Easton – “I’d probably have to say Merle Haggard’s song “The Day I Started Loving You” because I’ve always loved the emotional country songs that tear you apart. It’s always resonated with me well.”


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