This week on our podcast we caught up with Filmore to talk about his brand new album, the early touring days, how he met his fiancée, and so much more. See some highlights from our conversation below, and click here to listen to the full episode.
TNB – You’re the kind of artist that has been building your fan base the old fashion way, by playing a lot of shows. What did those shows look like in the early days?

Filmore – I got lucky early on touring the NACA College circuit. I remember creating an EPK on Sonic Bids and sending it to NACA showcases all over the country. Many of the early shows were in the North East because those colleges are so close together. It was relatively easy to fly in, play numerous shows in a row and make a lot of money. Especially my senior year of college, I was gone pretty much every weekend.

TNB – How did you meet your manager Chris?

Filmore – Ha! It’s a funny story actually. I met him downtown at Rippy’s on Broadway. We were sitting there talking and he asked me what I did and I said I was an artist. He said he was a manger. I’ll never forget what he said next, he said “well you’re not skinny enough to be a skinny artist but you’re not fat enough to be a fat artist”. I thought he was an A** Hole haha. From that moment on, it was this funny story. I remember connecting with him again to go golfing and I played him a song driving over. He was like “this is it, this is your sound”. We have been building from that day on. Now he is going to be the best man at my wedding.

TNB – How did you meet your fiancée?

Filmore – I met her on the road. I was out on a Luke Bryan tour, writing songs for Brett Young. She tried to jump the fence with a friend while we were backstage at the show and security stoped them. At the end of the show, we had an hour before buss call so we went to the local Tin Roof and I ran into her there. I think my pick up line was something like “can I buy you a shot”. We then followed each other on Instagram and I think it took like 6 months for me to send her a DM.


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