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Artist Profile – Gone West
Our Friday Artist Profile series continues. This week, we spoke with Triple Tigers recording act Gone West about their brand new album Canyons. See the highlights from our conversation below.

TNB – You all co-wrote every song on this album, was that something that was important to you going into this project? Was there a discussion about that?

Gone West – It was very important to us! We’re all songwriters and it’s very therapeutic for us as writers to express what we’re going through in life, and it makes it so special when the listener can relate to something we wrote about. It connects us all.

TNB – You all have respected solo careers outside of Gone West, what has it been like being in a group?

Gone West – We all wanted to be in a band, and it makes it more fun that it’s with long time friends and significant others! Getting to travel together and have each other to lean on when times get hard, and also have each other to celebrate with is so amazing.

TNB – The single Slow Down features Vince Gill on guitar. What’s it like being in the studio with Vince? How did you know he was going to be a great fit for this track?

Gone West – First of all, we’re all big Vince Gill fans! He’s a timeless artist and is such a talented musician and singer. The crazy part about him playing on “Slow Down” is that we were never together in the studio. He recorded his guitar part at his studio and sent it to us to put in the track. We would have loved to be together, but maybe we’ll do something in the future. His style of playing was perfect for the vibe of the song, and we’re just grateful he was willing to add his magic to it!

TNBGone West is perfect music for summer. How do you hope people react/connect with this record?
Thanks for saying that! We can’t wait for people to hear Canyons and think the

Gone West – summer is a perfect time to put out an album. We hope people listen to it driving through the country or to the beach or through the city streets with their windows down. There are so many outdoor activities that music is a key element of and we hope our songs can be a part of that this summer and beyond!

TNB – What has some of your favorite quarantine content been?

Gone West – We always watch The Office, but it’s been especially helpful during this time. Another show we’re sad is over now is Homeland. And The Last Dance was really inspiring and incredibly well done!

TNBGone West always looks camera ready! How is everyone’s hair holding up in quarantine?

Gone West – Haha thank you! I think the entire world’s hair went fairly untended during quarantine, but as things begin to reopen it’s getting easier to wrangle. The boys are much easier. Jason gives himself haircuts and has been for 15 years, and Justin is growing his out.
Gone West is Colbie Caillat, Justin Young, Jason Reeves, and Nelly Joy


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