Jared Gutstadt is the CEO and founder of Audio Up, one of the most talked about music companies today. As a music producer and song writer, Jared has collaborated with Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley Bob Dylan, Lil Wayne, Steven Tyler, Machine Gun Kelly, 24kGoldn, T Bone Burnett and DJ Khaled. He is a two time Emmy nominee, 3 time Cannes Lions winner, and is one of ASCAP’s most synched TV composers of all time. Jared created Audio Up as an ecosystem of premium entertainment content within the music and audio space. If you know all about the company or are hearing about it for the first time, you will learn something in this episode. Don’t be fooled by the cowboy hat and laid back demeanor. Jared in a genius and is taking audio to the next level. You’ll want to be on his team after listening.

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