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Artist Interview – Kalie Shorr
This week, rising country artist Kalie Shorr revealed she is launching the Too Much To Say Podcast. The announcement was made yesterday morning on The Bobby Bones Show, and it was also announced that Bobby will be theexecutive producer behind the show as well. We caught up with Kalie to get the scoop. See the highlights from our conversation below. 

TNB – Tell us about this brand new Podcast. What can we expect?

Shorr – It’s a very candid and unfiltered look at my life. Interviews and social media only show part of the story, and this is a chance to elaborate on what my fans already know. I’ve lived a lot of life in my 26 years and this is a great chance for me to be fully transparent and share those experiences.

TNB – Bobby Bones discovered you through Twitter, and reached out with theidea of starting a Podcast. What were those early conversations like and how has he helped you through this process?

Shorr – They came to me with a complete proposal of what the show would be, right down to tweets they thought would make great premises for episodes; but at the same time, they’ve given me so much creative freedom. I really look up to Bobby- he’s the epitome of a modern media personality because he isn’t just one “thing”. His belief in me has given me so much confidence to do this show.

TNB – I loved listening to the first episode. It sounds very conversational and loose, but still feels like there is a structure and that you are taking us on a journey. Did you lay out bullet points to hit, or have a script? What was theprocess like to figure out how and what you were going to say?

Shorr – I don’t really believe in scripts. Even on my radio show on Radio Disney Country, I write the talking points out but everything else is on the fly. It makes it feel so much more like genuine human interaction, which is really important to me. I never like to know the questions for an interview beforehand- i work so much better on first instinct. I had written down a few bullet points so I wouldn’t go off on tangents but everything was very in the moment.  

TNB –  What do you hope fans take away and learn from this show?

Shorr – I hope they learn that there is strength in vulnerability. Nothing has made me feel more empowered than unapologetically sharing my story- even the messy parts. I know I’m not alone in what I’ve gone through, and by using my platform to talk openly about it I hope listeners will be able to shed their shame about their trauma and be able to use it to grow and evolve instead.

TNB – I know how much of a reader you are. Any quarantine book recommendations?

Shorr – I’ve read a lot during quarantine, so I’ll reduce it to fiction and non-fiction:

Fiction- Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins. It’s both philosophical and whimsical and a great book for a dark time. It’s an epic, but it remains light and playful while still intelligently addressing heady concepts like the afterlife and immortality.

Non-fiction- Dead Girls by Alice Bolin. It’s a fascinating collection of essays (all by Alice) that mostly discuss western society’s obsession with true crime/crime dramas and specifically, crime towards white women. It’s a fascinating look into the tropes used by the creators of crime entertainment and how little that medium actually has to do with the victims. She also talks a lot about life in Los Angeles and her gradual disenchantment with the works of her former idol, Joan Didion.

TNB – Any signs of new music on the horizon?

Shorr – Yes 😉


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