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This week, TNB sat down with Kalie Shorr and Ian McConnell to discuss their new duet “How Do We Do This”, which came out today. See the highlights from our conversation with both artists below.
TNB – Ian, tell us about how the song came together. Did you know Kalie was going to be a great fit for it right away?

Ian – Lydia Dall and I wrote the song back in June of last year as this plucky acoustic ballad, and not a duet. It wasn’t until I started producing the demo that I realized I wanted it to go in a rock-country direction, and Lydia and I agreed that the song would be even more powerful as a duet. Kalie was our first choice because she’s a badass and an incredible artist that I have always admired, not to mention a fellow pop-punk enthusiast. We had worked together a bit, so I texted her to ask if she’d be interested in taking a listen to the demo, and now here we are!

TNB – Kalie, What was your reaction when you first heard the song? Was it something you could relate to?

Kalie – I loved the song from the first listen. It really reminded me of a break up that I had gone through and I knew I would be able to bring those emotions to the song.

TNB – Tell us about the production process. Were you able to record the song together?

Ian – Since I produce my own stuff, I usually skip the demo process, shut myself away for a few days and emerge with a finished product. However, I had two demos for this – one with just me singing and one as a duet with my friend, Aimee Walden. A lot of what was on the duet demo ended up on the final mix, so I had the track mostly finished and had cut vocals already by the time Kalie agreed to be on the song. She came to my place to sing her part, and her delivery was so good and full of emotion that I scrapped all my takes and re-cut my vocals. Also, I think I went through like 40 piano sounds for this song before landing on the one in the final mix.

Kalie – Ian is a badass producer and he recorded my vocals. I’ve written with him but I had never seen him in the producer’s chair. It made me respect him as a musician even more than I already did.

TNB – As songwriters how has it been being stuck inside? Are you finding that you are still able to get inspired and be productive?

Kalie – I think the inspiration is slightly more difficult. I get so many ideas from the world around me- overhearing conversations, interacting with people, just living my life. I have been writing a lot and I’m happy with what I’m writing but I’m very antsy to get back out there.

Ian – Writing is a little difficult, because the “what’s going on in your life” question really doesn’t lead to many good songs at the moment. I’ve had to write about some stuff that happened a while back and get back in old headspaces for new material. I’ve had lots of time to produce and work on social media though! I’m new to TikTok and it’s both fun and exhausting (shameless plug, follow me @ianmcconnellmusic, I’m funny).

TNB – Kalie earlier this week you came down with COVID-19. Thankfully last we spoke you said you were feeling better. Tell us about the experience.

Kalie – It was a crazy experience. In the grand scheme of things, my symptoms were very mild except for the first few days. I’m happy to be fully recovered and am now getting ready to participate in a study where I donate my plasma in order to help treat other people who are suffering from COVID 19. I’m very passionate about encouraging people to stay home. I’m 25 and healthy, but youth doesn’t make you invincible by any means.

TNB – Any upcoming plans for a joint livestream?

Ian – Expect something next week! We can’t really sing the song together on live because of the lag, but since we’re both hella interesting people, we’ve been working on some wildly entertaining content, so stay tuned.


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