Kalie Shorr

Artist Spotlight
This week, TNB sat down with Kalie Shorr to discuss her new record and what she is looking forward to most about hitting the road and performing her new album “Open Book”  See the highlights from our conversation below and catch her headlining show tonight at Exit/In.

TNB – Your new record is so personal and sounds like nothing in country music today. Tell us about the process of how it came together.

Shorr – So much of it was unplanned. I thought I knew the record I was going to make but life had different ideas. There were definitely moments where I fought it and tried to continue on the more commercial path I had been on for most of my career. I think a pivotal moment was when I wrote “FU Forever”.  That was when I decided to break out of whatever cage I put myself in.

TNB – This record has been getting amazing praise from critics and press. It was even listed on the New York Times Best Album List of 2019. Do you handle compliments well?

Shorr – I have had to get better at it with this album. I was on a video shoot recently where everyone was staring at our production, and my manager asked if I liked all of the attention. The truth is I prefer validation over attention. When someone enjoys the record and goes out of their way to tell me how its impacted them, that’s such a human connection.  Instead of “Hey, you look really pretty today,” it’s “Thank you for sharing you soul,” and I think that makes it easier to accept. I think it also gives me more confidence to play the songs live.

TNB – Speaking of live, you are about to go out on a headlining tour. What do you hope fans walk away with?

Shorr – The biggest takeaway I want people to have is that county music can rock!  When I toured with LeAnn Rimes last year, I was blown away by her ability to speak to the audience and make it feel like she is speaking to each fan individually. I hope I am able to get that across on this tour.

TNB – Apart from the music, you are also pretty well known for your Twitter account. Do you have favorite moment that has happened to you on Twitter?

Shorr – Yes! I had an amazing thing happen with Southwest. I was booking a flight and ended up booking the wrong date two times in a row.  So I tweeted about my love of no change fees on Southwest and they tweeted me back referencing my song lyrics!  It was priceless!


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