Levi Hummon

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This week, TNB caught up with rising country artist Levi Hummon to talk about his new project  “Songs I Grew Up On”, collaborating with his father Marcus and life in quarantine. See the highlights from our conversation below.

TNB – Your dad is a legendary Nashville Songwriter. How is it collaborating and being creative around him?

Hummon – I’m so thankful to have my dad not only as a mentor, but also as a collaborator. Being creative around my dad is second nature and is very easy, I feel like some of my best ideas come from working with my dad.

TNB – This song is the first in a series of covers titled “Songs I Grew Up On”. How did you pick “Hallelujah” to be the first one you released? Does the song have a special meaning to you?

Hummon – Hallelujah was an easy choice to be the first song of this series. I remember finding Jeff Buckley’s album “Grace” on the floor of my dad’s truck and fell in love with the entire album. The album and this song made me realize why we call singer-songwriters “artists”. Creating a stripped down version of this song was super nostalgic and I loved getting to produce it with my dad.

TNB – Are you finding you are able to stay productive and inspired during this time? What kind of songs are you writing?

Hummon  I feel like I’ve actually been productive during this time which I am grateful for. I definitely feel like I have had time to dive deeper into self reflection. Having my dad close by has also given me a built in quarantine collaborator — which has been awesome and inspiring in itself.

TNB – Anything else we should be on the lookout for, either during or after quarantine?

Hummon – Definitely look out for two more “Songs I Grew Up On.” After this cover series, I’m looking forward to releasing some other new music and video content!


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