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Well it’s the end of the week, and it feels like it would not be fitting to highlight any artist other then Priscilla Block. This week, she crossed off some heavy hitting items on the star making checklist. On Wednesday, the relatively unknown singer/songwriter released “Just About Over You”. Almost instantly, the song shot to number 1 on itunes. Then Bobby Bones tweeted her to come on the show. Then Rolling Stone wrote an article. Oh, and then Bob Lefsetz wrote an entire email about her. Mic drop! So what actually happened??? We spoke directly with Priscilla to get the scoop.

TNB – Can you walk us through the timeline of events from announcing this song to it going #1?

Block – I wrote this song 3 weeks ago and put it up on TikTok – since then it’s been a whirlwind. My followers helped me raise money to record the song, and 12 hours after releasing the song on Wednesday, it hit no.1 on the iTunes All Genre Chart and iTunes Country Chart. Honestly, I am still processing everything!

TNB – Tell us how “Just About Over” You came together. What inspired the song?

Block – I’ve had this idea for a song for a while, and I’ve brought it into a lot of writes before. It’s real life. I’ve been through a time when I thought that I was over somebody, and then you see them or something about them sets you back a little bit. I wrote it with Emily Kroll, and Sarah Jones. Justin Johnson produced it.

TNB – Any advice for artists on TikTok?

Block – Keep sharing your music! Don’t be afraid to let loose, and don’t take yourself too seriously – let it all out there.

TNB – Do you have a dream artist collaboration? 

Block  I love Dolly Parton, Miranda Lambert, and Chris Stapleton. Having the chance to collaborate with any of these artists would be a dream come true! 
TNB – What should we be on the lookout for moving forward?

Block – Hopefully new music and getting out on the road soon! You can follow me @PriscillaBlock everywhere.

This may seem like an overnight success story, but Priscilla has been grinding in Nashville for 6 years. She is currently working with Nashville management firm Dennis Entertainment, who also represents Avenue Beat. Block has over 350,000 followers on TikTok.


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