Rachel Reinert

Artist Spotlight
This week, TNB sat down with Rachel Reinert to discuss life after Gloriana and what inspires her new music. Her new single, “Some Kind of Angel”, is out toady, and her album “Into the Blue” is available for pre-order as well! See the highlights from our conversation below.
TNB – This is your first solo album since leaving Gloriana in 2016. Tell us about the journey of this project coming together.

Reinert – I have been on a transformational journey over the last four years while putting this album together. What I realized was that I really needed time to figure out who I was not only as an artist, but as a person. I went through so many life changes throughout this process that really forced me to grow up and find my team, my collaborators, and my sound. When I left the band, I walked away from everything and I really had to start over from scratch. I had to make sacrifices in order to survive. It wasn’t as easy as I anticipated, but I’m so grateful because I found myself through this album. The songs come from a really honest and vulnerable reflective viewpoint.

TNB – Your solo work sounds heavily influenced by the culture of Laurel Canyon. Do you intentionally try to put those sounds in?

Reinert – Yes! That was the foundation that my sound was built on. I grew up in Southern California, and my parents raised me on the 70’s Laurel Canyon era of music. Everything from Fleetwood Mac to Neil Young to Jackson Browne. Those were the artists who influenced me from a young age and I wanted to build the musicality of this album around those sounds and that feel, but still keep it modern and fresh. There are also some 90’s alternative sounds throughout the songs. It’s a mix of old and new.

TNB – What excites you most about being a solo artist?

Reinert – Having something that is 100% my own. These are my songs, my stories, and my truth. It’s so amazing to have that ownership over what I am doing. And no matter what happens, I can say that I was authentically myself.

TNB – Do you have any upcoming plans to hit the road and play these songs live?

Reinert – I would love to, and it’s definitely in the works. I miss being on the road. We’ll see what happens!


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