Roman Alexander

This week we caught up with new artist Roman Alexander. His upcoming EP ‘Bad For Me’ was co-produced by fellow Twelve6 writers Jerry Flowers (Keith Urban, Sam Hunt, Billy Currington) and Jared Keim (Rascal Flatts, Granger Smith, Restless Road). Roman is managed by Tom Becci and Zach Sutton at Red Light. Listen to his brand new single here, and see the highlights from our conversation below.

TNB – Tell us about this EP. What was it like having Jerry Flowers and Jared Keim produce the project? What elements did they bring to it?

Roman – Having Jerry Flowers & Jared Keim as a part of the project was game changing for me. I still have to shake my head and blink a few times when I walk into a room with those guys. What they do is truly a magically combination. Jerry brings his years of touring with Keith Urban and songwriting to the table. He brings a lot of wisdom not to mention some great lyrics and melodies. Jared always has something interesting to show me when I walk in for a write, whether it’s a track or lyrics. He’s humble, constantly open to new ideas and isn’t afraid to challenge me vocally and lyrically. We only want to create and cut the best songs we can. There is no “ half assing” with them.

TNB – Any musical moments or lyrics that you are specifically excited for people to hear on this new project?

Roman – I’m especially excited for people to hear the title track “Between You And Me”. It’s a song that really showcases the experience of wanting someone. The co-writers, Allison Veltz & Jared Keim, really helped bring that to life. Also, throughout the EP you will hear little Easter eggs of Elvis Presley references. Anyone that knows me personally knows how much I love Elvis, so it seemed appropriate.

TNB – You have some amazing people on your team like Tom Becci of Red Light. How did you first connect with him, and any wizdom he has passed on?

Roman – Tom was part of my career from day one with Twelve6. The same goes for Zach Sutton. They never fail to challenge me in new ways that make me a better artist.  Tom is constantly reminding me of his favorite quote “keep your eye on the ball”. I feel extremely blessed to have a great team at Twelve6. Travis Myatt has also been a huge mentor and champion of mine when it comes to lending an ear and helping me create and choose songs that are authentic to me.

TNB –  Favorite Country song of all time (Why)

Roman – “I Hold On” by Dierks Bentley. It came out when I was in high school and became an anthem while dreaming for my career.


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