Ross Ellis

Artist Interview – Ross Ellis
This week, we had the opportunity to speak with Sony Music Nashville recording artist Ross Ellis. Ellis is known for penning hits for country superstars such as Tim McGraw’s “Neon Church.” On top of that, Ellis just released a brand new song titled “Love Blind”. See the highlights from our conversation below.

TNB – Tell us how “Love Blind” came together?

Ellis – I remember looking at my calendar that morning and seeing that I was set to write with Allison Veltz and Zach Kale. My girlfriend, Brittany, happened to be visiting from the West Coast at the time, and I told her I was going to write one for her. Being so close to Allison (co-writer of “Buy and Buy”) and Zach, I knew we would get something special.  Zach started playing around with some gospelly piano chords and “Love Blind” seemed to write itself.  In essence, “Love Blind” is a prayer that a lot of us good old boys probably say to God after meeting THE ONE.

TNB – This song feels incredibly personal, was there ever any hesitation about putting it out?

Ellis – No hesitation. I write whatever is on my heart and hope for the best. It’s gotta be honest if it’s going to connect with the listener. That’s the #1 rule when I’m considering what to release.

TNB – Have there been any unique promotion opportunities for this song that have risen due to the quarantine?

Ellis – Yes!! Would love to be able to meet and talk with people in person, but it’s been really cool to connect virtually with folks from Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, and Apple Music. I’ve been getting some great responses to the song from within the industry but can’t wait to be able to play it live for fans too!

TNB – What has your favorite quarantine activity been?

Ellis – Golfing and writing.  Besides being on the road, that’s pretty much what I was doing most of the time anyways!  Just a little more Zooming involved these days.

TNB – What’s one thing that fans might be surprised to learn about you?

Ellis – I’m super into Bigfoot and Alien stories. Anything supernatural really. If you’ve heard my song “Ghosts,” I’m sorry. I actually do believe in UFOs haha.

TNB – What should fans be on the lookout for?

Ellis – New music!  Recorded a few songs before the quarantine hit, but should be able to jump back into the vocal booth soon. Fingers crossed!


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