Scotty McCreery becomes first country star to perform in an online gaming world.



Executive Interview
This weekend (April 24th), Scotty McCreery will make history by becoming the first country star to perform in an online gaming world. The singer will deliver a virtual concert in Club Cooee, a global gaming platform and social media network. If you want to participate, download the Cooee app and create your own avatar to join in the concerts, scheduled for April 24-26 and May 1-3. We spoke with Scotty’s manager Scott Stem to get the inside scoop. See the highlights below.

TNB – Scotty is the first country artist to perform in a video game world. How did the idea come together?

Stem – As his management team here at Triple 8 Management, George Couri and I are always on the lookout for new ideas for Scotty. John Zarling at 615 Leverage connected us with Epik, a company that helps brands and celebrities work with video games. Epik, in turn, connected us to gaming app Club Cooee to create their first virtual concert. Epik had done the research and let us know that Scotty would be the first country artist ever to present a virtual concert in a gaming app, which was appealing as well.

TNB – From creating the avatar, synching it to the music, deciding the setting etc, can you give us a little window into what it took to pull this off?

Stem  Club Cooee created a special virtual night club for the Scotty performance, even providing some fun personal touches like taking photos from his social media and making them posters inside the club. Their artists created the avatar after looking at hundreds of Scotty photos, sending it over for approval and then going back a few times to make changes based on Scotty’s direction. Same thing for the virtual merchandise that was created so fans can buy it and dress their own avatars in Scotty merch. We started on this back in the Fall of 2019, so it’s exciting to see it finished. They have a lot of very creative and talented folks at Club Cooee.

TNB – How will you judge success on this project/what are you goals with it?

Stem – We are already happy that Scotty is the first country artist to do something like this. This innovation is another milestone for this talented artist. Between this and Scotty’s participation in the Twitch Stream Aid global event a few weeks ago, we hope we may attract some gaming fans who had never thought about Scotty before to come check out his music. Whatever happens, it’s another great way of putting a spotlight on Scotty and his music.

Scott Stem
Manager, Scotty McCreery
Triple 8 Management


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