Trevor Hinesley of Soundstripe

This week, on our local startup series, we caught up with Trevor Hinesley, the co-founder and CTO of Soundstripe. See the highlights from our conversation below.

TNB – How do you explain Soundstripe to someone who is unaware?

Trevor – We provide unlimited music for creators. We serve everyone from YouTubers, podcasters, and wedding videographers, all the way to agencies and fortune 500 companies, and all creators in between.

TNB – As an artist, how can you go about getting your music on Soundstripe? What does the process look like?

TrevorSoundstripe is essentially a record label and publishing company, that also owns our distribution channel. We work with artists all over the world, but it’s all hand-curated artists and content. Many times artists come through referrals, but we also offer an online application for artists who are interested in working with us here.

TNB – As a content creator, what is the process like to use music from Soundstripe?

Trevor  It’s very easy, and we’re continually working to simplify the process and remove all friction. For most creators, you simply sign up for a subscription, and start licensing music to your heart’s content, with no restrictions on usage. If you’re a Twitch streamer, you just sign up and hit play for free: no subscription required. For larger clients or those needing to sublicense our content, we offer custom contracts, an API, and even indemnification.

TNB – How has the app been affected during COVID?

Trevor – At the beginning of the pandemic, we immediately started feeling the effects in our freelance segments. Freelance wedding videographers, for instance, were out of gigs. However, we also saw certain segments shifting their physical presences to online, such as fitness studios and churches making the move to streaming, so we had increased acquisition in that regard. With such a varied customer base, it’s been heartbreaking to see the negative effects it’s had on many, but it’s also been encouraging when we’ve seen some success stories of customers whose pivots allowed them to stay above water (and even thrive in some cases). We offered sales to customer segments that were shifting from physical to online, and we saw a win/win result for both sides in that regard. It nice to be able to support struggling businesses while also working to support our own.

TNB – Any funding history?

Trevor  In 2018, we raised a $500k Seed round from 6 strategic investors here in Nashville. In summer 2019, we raised a $4M Series A led by Vocap Partners. A couple months later, we raised an additional $2M from David Sacks’ Craft Ventures

About the founders
Micah Sannan: Co-CEO
Micah began his career in the music business as an artist, touring internationally as a full-time member of multiple signed acts (Falling Up, Tooth & Nail Rec.; Everlife, Hollywood Rec.; Disciple, Fairtrade Rec.). After moving away from life on the road, Micah moved to working in artist management for a brief period before opening a recording studio with current Soundstripe partner Travis Terrell, producing artist records and advertisement jingles. If Micah is not at work, odds are he’s sitting at a campfire.

Travis Terrell: Co-CEO
Travis has been active in the music industry for over 13 years, having been a live performer, studio musician, producer, film composer and even tour bus driver. He has worked alongside artists such as Alan Jackson, Peter Frampton, YES, Willie Nelson, Johnny Gimble and more. Producing, composing and performing on TV jingles for well known international brands, from BMW to McDonald’s, Travis has a deep understanding of the art and marriage of music and film. has developed a strong understanding of where the music industry has been, and has a clear vision for where it’s headed. A vision which includes planting Soundstripe at the forefront of micro-licensing. Travis is an amateur cook, loves Star Trek (Next Generation, of course), and is a student pilot.

Trevor Hinesley: CTO
Trevor graduated from Belmont University with a B.S. in Computer Science and Audio Engineering Technology. Upon graduation, he moved into a full-time touring position as a founding member of VERIDIA (Word Rec., Razor & Tie), with which he toured internationally for years, playing in venues ranging from clubs to stadiums. While touring, Trevor worked remotely for numerous startups and a technology agency, developing websites and applications for everything from fortune 500 companies to top Billboard artists. With over a decade of combined experience in the music and technology industries, Trevor brings a blend of music business knowledge and technological expertise that fits perfectly with Soundstripe’s mission.


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