Teddy Robb

This week, I caught up with Monument Recording artist Teddy Robb. His brand new single “Heaven On Dirt” is out on Country radio now. We talked about guitars, his time living in Colorado, how he signed his record deal, and so much more. See some highlights from our conversation below and click here to listen to the full podcast.
TNB – How do you hear “Really Shouldn’t Drink Around You” for the first time? 

Teddy – I heard it first from Shane. He wrote it with Trevor Rosen and Josh Osborne. It’s one they always believed in and I think sometimes great songs fall through the crack. I write every day, but when the head of your label comes to you with a great song and believes in it, you take it seriously.

TNB – When the head of the label brings you a song that he wrote, is there pressure to cut it? Or at least like it?

Teddy – Ya, I mean if I didn’t like it, I definitely would say so, and I have done that before. But I heard “Gin & Platonic” and thought that was such a fun line. In that first EP I was going though a breakup and a bit of a rough time. I wanted a song that was kinda like a fun version of that. That’s the beauty of Shane, he gets it and saw what I was trying to put together.

TNB – You current single “Heaven On Dirt” is out on Country radio right now. How did this song come together?

Teddy – We recorded this song on March 12th, in the studio. It was the day before everything shut down and I was calling in on FaceTime. We knew things were going to close so we were trying to get into the studio as fast as we could.

The song was actually already on hold with Jake Owen and Blake Shelton by the time I heard it. We were able to go and get it back because we wanted to single it. Thank god the writers were on board and believed in me to cut it. It’s doing amazing things right now. I have probably head it 15 times on the radio in my car. I can’t even explain how cool it is.


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