The SteelDrivers

Artist Spotlight
This week, TNB sat down with The SteelDrivers to discuss finding it’s 3rd lead singer, recording their new album Bad For You, and how they have managed to stay together for so long. The band, that was originally co-founded by Chris Stapleton, is back and stronger than ever. See the highlights from our conversation below, and check out the new album today.

TNB – This is your first record with new lead singer Kelvin Damrell, whom you found on Youtube. Tell us about the journey from finding Damrell, to recording this album.SteelDrivers – It took a while to find Kelvin. We tried to think of anyone we already knew and did get together with a few people to see what might gel. Ultimately, my daughter found Kelvin on YouTube singing a Chris Stapleton cover and killing it!  He came down and jammed with us and immediately we could tell he just had a natural vocal ability that really can’t be taught….you either have it or you don’t, and he certainly had it. We postponed recording for a while to give him time to really find his way in the band doing our live shows.  He improved so much during that time, both as a singer and as a guitar player that it was definitely the right decision. When we did get in the studio, he had been with us for a lot of dates so he knew us all really well and I think we were all more comfortable because of it.

TNB – You guys have said that your fans are driven by song, not singer. How do you create that culture with your fans, because for many acts, changing a singer can be the end.

SteelDrivers – I think the songs speak for themselves. If we didn’t have great songs, then our fans wouldn’t still be coming to hear tunes like “Heaven Sent” and “Where Rainbows Never Die” just to mention a few. When you can look out at a crowd and see everyone singing along, they are there because they love the song. I don’t think you can create that other than writing and performing great songs.

TNB – You guys are currently on the road, and have a Ryman show booked in July!  What do you hope fans walk away with after each show?

SteelDrivers – I hope the fans walk away feeling like they just had the best time with their favorite band.


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