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The Nashville Briefing has teamed up once again with Project Music to highlight local startups. This week, we caught up with Timothy Burkhead, the CEO of All Access Advance. See the highlights from our conversation below.
How do you explain All Access to someone who is unaware?
All Access Advance is the SaaS platform for managing touring artists, venues, and events in real-time from a single dashboard. It is the G-suite for the live event touring industry. It’s a one-of-a-kind, big-picture tool to manage the business behind the stage.What sets All Access apart?
All Access Advance is the result of a service and product we as Tour Managers and founders needed ourselves. We built this company with our music community in mind. The ultimate goal is to connect this community through tech, centralizing the info needed to make the show happen. A user can add event-specific details, monitor current progress, and most importantly, know what to do next using data that is up-to-date everywhere that it lives.

Who is the ideal customer for All Access
All Access is for the entire tour, beginning with tools for the tour manager or venue. At half the cost per day, a live event or tour has an instantaneous system that will manage every day, everyone, and eventually every dollar on the road.

Any funding history?
In 2020 All Access raised $50K from our angel Tweed Recording Academy, as well as deposited $3K in pitch contest grants and prizes. We are currently fundraising and have plans to announce a MicroVenture Crowdfunding campaign very soon.

About the founders
Timothy Burkhead | CEO: Timothy has toured the world as a drummer, audio engineer, and tour manager. He attended The University of Mississippi and earned degrees in Managerial Finance and Real Estate, all while Production Managing the Lyric Oxford, a premier 1,200 cap concert venue. He is the co-manager of Nashville rockers Future Thieves and the Oklahoma indie band Twiggs. Timothy currently tours with Leon Bridges as the FOH Mixer alongside his duties as the CEO of The All Access Advance.

Matt Eldridge | COO: Matt has 10-years of international touring experience. He attended Belmont University, earning his MBA in Music Business with an emphasis in Production. Matt is co-manager of Nashville rockers Future Thieves and the Oklahoma indie band Twiggs. He has worked with Kaleo and Lady A. Matt is currently the Tour Manager and LD for Moon Taxi.

Brandon Jazz | CPO: Brandon is the head of product design for The All Access Advance. Jazz has spent most of his life in and around the live music industry-whether playing DIY house shows as a teenager, launching some of Nashville’s most legendary independent clubs, or planning tours around the globe. He is the former manager of Pollstar nominated Nightclub of the Year, Mercy Lounge, and former Tour Manager to Saint Motel, Khruangbin, and Deftones. Jazz now oversees the development of the All Access Advance beta program, as well as onboarding the first round of paid pilot venue users and leading the development of the All Access Advance flagship music venue Eastside Bowl, opening in Nashville in the Fall of 2021.

Tamer Elsherbeni | CTO: Tamer has 10-years of expertise as a Senior Software Engineer. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Mississippi. Prior to co-founding The All Access Advance, Tamer created a system that takes in raw sonar data from an underwater drone and creates an image that can automatically identify man-made objects with a high degree of accuracy.

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