Walker Montgomery

Artist Spotlight
This week, TNB sat down with artist Walker Montgomery, who is the son of country legend John Michael Montgomery and nephew of Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry. He answered our questions about his new single, life on the road and growing up around the business. See his answers below.
TNB – You grew up around country royalty.  Did that affect your decision to go into the music business?

Montgomery – I respect my parents immensely because they never forced me into music, which I think makes it more special for me. They surrounded me with sports, acting and school and let me find my own path to music.

TNB  Your new single “Like My Daddy Done It”  seems especially fitting for someone who’s father is a country music legend. Tell us about how the track came together.

Montgomery  Boss Man, (Dallas Davidson) brought it to me when I first signed at Play It Again, and we both knew instantly that it was the perfect song for me to release first.

TNB – You are currently on the road with Jon Langston. What do you hope fans take away from your live set?

Montgomery  Love being on the road with Jon. I just hope the fans are having as much fun as I am out there.

TNB  Your uncle is also Eddie Mongtomery of the iconic country music band Montgomery Gentry. Might there ever be a family trio on the way?

Montgomery – Only time will tell! But I think that it’d be a fun thing to record a song together.



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